On This Day in IUPUI History: November 2, 1979

November 2, 1979. 

On this day, IUPUI student government vice president John Emley reported to the Indiana University Board of Trustees meeting in Richmond that the Indianapolis News, one of two daily newspapers published in the state capital, had agreed to use "IUPUI" when reporting on the major state university in the city. Until then, the News and the Indianapolis Star, the other daily paper in town, had employed "IPI" in references to IUPUI. This usage had been a serious irritant to IUPUI's students, faculty, and staff, who believed the "IPI" moniker sowed confusion when the university itself employed IUPUI. 

The News and Star, both owned by the Pulliam family at the time, frequently reported on events, discoveries, and developments at or deriving from IUPUI. Through the two newspapers, hundreds of thousands of readers learned about the growth of the campus. The switch to calling IUPUI by its official name was a small but significant step in the rise of the state's major urban university.

Student reading 38th Street campus newspaper, The Component, 1970 UA24-004774

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