On This Day in IUPUI History: January 21, 2019

January 21, 2019.

On this day, we celebrate the important leadership and legacy of civil-rights martyr Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who modeled courage by advocating social and economic justice for all Americans and for persons worldwide. We also recognize IUPUI's Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration Dinner, one of the most important days in the university's calendar. IUPUI students, staff, and faculty have taken to heart Dr. King's call to service for community and humanity.

The day culminates in the Dinner, which has brought stellar leaders and speakers to Indianapolis to inspire students and others to continue to strive for justice. Such eminent persons as Shirley Chisholm, Henry Louis Gates, Benjamin Hooks, William Raspberry, and Maya Angelou have edified and inspired.

Shirley Chisholm signing autographs at Martin Luther King,, Jr. dinner, 1992 192-4643-141

To research the history of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration Dinner at IUPUI, please contact IUPUI Special Collections and Archives at speccoll@iupui.edu.

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