On This Day in IUPUI History: January 16, 1978

January 16, 1978. 

On this day, IUPUI inaugurated the first of two bus services to move students, staff, and faculty from one IUPUI location to another.

When IUPUI started in 1969, the university was located in seven distinct and distant places around Indianapolis. Within a short period two of those locations were consolidated onto the near-westside location on Michigan Street. But the five remaining locations--the School of Physical Education on west 64th Street, the 38th Street Campus opposite the State Fairgrounds, Herron School of Art on 16th and Pennsylvania Street, etc.--posed challenges for student to get to their classes.

The first bus service connected the various IUPUI locations with each other. Starting on January 16, 12-passenger vans left the Krannert Building on 38th Street to make hourly runs to Cavanaugh Hall, with stops at Herron and the Marott Building at 902 North Meridian Street.

A second service, the Downtown Express, between Cavanaugh Hall and downtown, began on February 6.

Students, faculty, and staff could ride by showing a valid IUPUI ID and paying 25 cents. The buses ran Monday through Friday, 7:20am to 4:50pm.

With the consolidation of all IUPUI schools onto the downtown location, the university didn't require a connector shuttle between locations. However, today IUPUI runs shuttles between student housing locations and the Campus Center to minimize the campus parking crunch and maximize safety. 

Downtown Express bus, 1978 UA24-005145s

To learn more about public transportation and IUPUI, contact IUPUI Special Collections and Archives speccoll@iupui.edu.

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