On This Day in IUPUI History: January 13, 1969

January 13, 1969. 

On this day, administrators from Indiana University and Purdue University, working behind the scenes to draft an Indianapolis campus merger plan, agreed on the academic-mission assignments that the two universities would assume after the merger.

Since the handshake deal between IU president Joseph Sutton and Purdue president Frederick Hovde made sometime after Indianapolis mayor Richard Lugar's December 14, 1968 speech, university bureaucrats worked feverishly to forge an agreement to merge their Indianapolis campuses under IU leadership. They had many issues to work out. Who would do what? When would it happen? How would faculty and staff be paid? How would faculty and staff be shifted from one university to another?

On January 10, chief negotiators Charles H. Lawshe, vice president of regional campus administration for Purdue, and Joseph Hartley, vice president and dean of academic affairs for IU, agreed to a four-phase "Time-Action Plan." The plan laid out target dates for actions necessary to happen to merge and implement the merger. These ranged from board of trustee approvals to unification of library operations and food-service management.

On January 13, Lawshe and Hartley agreed to a division of labor of academic programs. IU would take over arts and social sciences departments that both universities had, as well as some biology and chemistry programs. Purdue would manage engineering, technology, agriculture, mathematics, physics, psychology, and assorted other programs. IU's professional schools in Indianapolis (law, dentistry, medicine, physical education, social work, art) would remain under IU.

These elements were key parts of the deal taken to the boards of trustees of the two universities for approval.

The breakdown would be fine-tuned over the years (e.g., agriculture disappeared at IUPUI), but the division of programs has stood the test of time.

Charles H. Lawshe UA24-007248

Joseph Hartley, 1966 courtesy IU-Bloomington Archives

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