On This Day in IUPUI History: April 10, 1986

April 10, 1986. 

On this day, noted author Susan Sontag gave a talk, "Traditions of the New," in the Lecture Hall on the IUPUI campus. Her appearance came under the auspices of the IUPUI Distinguished Lecturer Series.

One of the most important public intellectuals of her generation, Sontag (1933-2004) wrote and spoke on a wide array of topics, producing works of fiction along with important literary and cultural criticism, and essays and books in other non-fiction realms. As well, she was a prominent political activist. Earlier in the day, Sontag participated in a panel discussion on HIV-AIDS. 

Sontag was one of many important speakers to visit IUPUI. To learn more about distinguished lecturers in IUPUI's history, contact IUPUI Special Collections and Archives at speccoll@iupui.edu.

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