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August 18, 1982On this day, the United States Long Course Championships began in the IUPUI Natatorium. The 1982 opening of the Natatorium, a premiere swimming facility, brought top swimming competitions to Indianapolis. Events attracted large crowds. Planners expected thirty-thousand spectators and over fourteen-hundred swimmers and coaches to attend... Read More
August 17, 1971On this day, Dr. William A. Nevill was named acting dean of IUPUI's 38th Street campus. A press release billed the appointment "as one of a series of key administrative changes which will have a bearing on IUPUI's future."Nevill, an organic chemist, first came to the Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension campus on 38th Street in 1967. With... Read More
August 16, 1996On this day, H. Oner Yurtseven, an internationally known researcher and educator in electrical engineering, was approved as the new dean of the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI by the IU Board of Trustees. Joining the Department of Electrical Engineering first as a visiting professor in 1977, Yurtseven published... Read More
At this time each year students return to IUPUI to start the fall semester. As well, they swamp to campus bookstores to find their textbooks and needed supplies. In this photo from the 1980s, UA24-005033, students are seen lining up in the Cavanaugh Hall bookstore to purchase books. IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has hundreds of thousands of... Read More
August 15, 1986Indiana University vice president and IUPUI chancellor-to-be Gerald L. Bepko held a press conference shortly after being appointed to both positions by the IU Board of Trustees. Previously dean of the IU School of Law-Indianapolis (now IU McKinney School of Law) since 1982, Bepko answered questions put to him by newspaper and television... Read More
August 14, 1969On this day,  seniors in the medical technology course enjoyed a banquet held in their honor in the Union Building on the IUPUI campus. Dr. Joshua Edwards, chairman of the Department of Pathology in the IU School of Medicine , was the guest speaker and presented each graduate with a certificate and pin signifying completion of the... Read More
August 13, 1981On this day, IUPUI made a three-phase commitment to disabled persons at IUPUI in a resolution honoring the International Year of the Disabled Person, as proclaimed by the United Nations. The resolution, generated by IUPUI chancellor Glenn W. Irwin, pledged IUPUI to provide convenient and effective access to higher education to all who can... Read More
August 12, 1995On this day, Angela B. McBride, dean of the IU School of Nursing, received the Outstanding Contribution to Nursing and Health Psychology award from Division 38 of the American Psychological Association in New York City. Joining the faculty of the IU School of Nursing in 1978, she served as chair of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing... Read More
August 11, 1970On this day, a committee of medical students in the IU School of Medicine established a fund called the Louis B. Russell Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the scholarship fund was to recruit more African-American students to study in the medical school. The scholarship was named in honor of Louis B. Russell, Jr., an Indianapolis school teacher... Read More
August 10, 1974On this day, Indiana's first program to train physician assistants was announced by the School of Medicine and by the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The idea of training individuals to perform specified clinical tasks arose in the 1960s as a means to alleviate physician shortages and reach under-served... Read More