Fourth Floor

Fourth Floor Photos

Artist rendering of alterations to the fourth floor, following renovation.
The regions highlighted red represent areas of the fourth floor that will be renovated.
Empty bookstacks, to be removed in preparation for renovation.
Space previously occupied by bookstacks, removed for renovation.
Artist rendering of alterations to the fourth floor, following renovation.
Photos thanks to Becki Myers. Renderings thanks to Lohr Design.

This is known as the group or collaborative floor. Students use this floor more for active group work and parallel studying in groups, though the majority of students are working individually or in pairs. Not counting study rooms, there are approximately 395 seats on this floor.

The proposed changes to the fourth floor address the major concerns and improve the function of the floor as a collaborative space. The changes include:

  • New space for graduate students
  • New open concept study rooms in varying sizes
  • New feature atrium study space
  • Expanded and improved reading room space
  • Increased variety of modular seating

This plan will increase the number of seats on this floor by 207. It will also increase the number of power outlets to 200.

Our research shows the computer stations that accommodate groups are in high demand. Groups prefer well-lit, visible spaces in comfortable environments that allow them to work collaboratively – large tables or soft seating areas to work or relax together. The floor is used more consistently throughout the day and evening than the third floor. Students use the group study rooms available on this floor to a great degree and report a need for more. The reading room space with the beautiful view of downtown Indianapolis is a favorite space for groups or individual students to study. Students also reported a need for more power outlets on this floor.

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