Strategic Directions

The renovation of levels three and four aligns with many strategic goals of IUPUI University Library, IUPUI, and Indiana University.

IUPUI University Library Strategic Directions

    1. Provide informal academic space for students
    2. Maintain an environment conducive to study, both individual and in groups
    3. Provide users with support for the use of library resources both when they are in the building and when they are elsewhere
    4. Continue to upgrade and enhance study spaces
    5. Develop dedicated space for PhD students

IUPUI Strategic Plan: The Success of our Students

IUPUI will build on our existing strengths by enhancing collaboration among schools, academic, and non-academic units to align student success efforts; improving curricular and co-curricular coordination; supporting the engagement of all students in demonstrated high-impact teaching and learning practices; expanding academic support services; enhancing the overall student experience; and improving students’ degree completion rates.

Strategic Actions

#11 Build a distinctive campus identity and a stronger campus community to engage faculty, staff, and alumni by using space, visual elements, and events creatively to enhance campus pride and develop campus traditions.  Educate all students, faculty, and staff about IUPUI’s history and traditions at the outset of their IUPUI experience. Incorporate the use of the Jaguar as a unifying symbol, and integrate it, along with campus colors and themes, into the design of buildings, classrooms, lounges, signage, and outdoor spaces.

 #12 Identify and create a wide variety of new formal and informal learning spaces to accommodate diverse learning styles and increase student engagement. Establish a plan to revitalize current facilities and build new facilities to become more multifunctional, ADA-compliant, and commuter- and family-friendly. Develop an outdoor space engagement plan. Build new facilities that serve as learning laboratories, space for performing arts, and spaces that support enhanced connections with the Indianapolis community.


Indiana University Bicentennial Strategic Plan

The Principles of Excellence- #1 An Excellent Education

High quality student life. Enhance and expand the quality of student life through an environment that vigorously supports and sustains academic, service, and athletic achievements at the highest and most competitive levels and that is culturally rich, diverse, and inclusive.

Student Life. Student success depends upon more than the content of individual courses or the curriculum of particular degree programs. An important part of it is conditioned by an environment that provides support in other ways, from student organizations that encourage personal and social growth; physical environments that are inspiring and up to date; welcoming services that support the physical and mental health and wellness of students; and the development of lifetime engagement and support of the university. IU will continue to support all these activities to create “sticky” campuses that attract and retain students, and stimulate their engagement in their education.

The Framework of Excellence-- #8 Building for Excellence

Ensure that IU has the new and renovated physical facilities and infrastructure that are essential to achieve the Principles of Excellence, while recognizing the importance of historical stewardship, an environment that reflects IU’s values, and the imperative to meet future needs in accordance with long-term master plans.

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