Laptop Printing In Honors House



When you decide to print from a library computer workstation, you will be given a choice of three "queues" from the standard pop-up printer window.

Black and white (default) \\in-ulib-newdon-black and white printer (This is the default for all printing and costs IUPUI Graduate Students $0.04 per page. Undergraduates will use Print Quota)

After you click "OK" for your print job, proceed to the closest print release station. Swipe your JagTag . You will then be able to view a screen of your pending print job(s) and the option to continue to print or cancel. (Unprinted documents that have not been cancelled will remain in the system for 48 hours before being automatically deleted.)

The screen will display any cost for each print job and the bottom of the screen will show the remaining balance on your card.

How do I setup the library printers manually (XP/Vista/Windows 7) laptop?

  1. First, establish a connection to the IUSECURE Wireless Network
  2. Next, go to Start, Run (or Search programs and files), and type:   \\
  3. You might see a prompt to login, if so, as the username, type:  ads\(username) (example:   ads\jdoe)
  4. Once you authenticate, you should see a listing of our printers and can select which is needed

How do I print from my Macintosh (Lion -10.7, Snow Leopard -10.6, Leopard -10.5 and Tiger-10.4) laptop?

WARNING: For liability purposes due to potentially locking the user out of an account, University Library Staff cannot change the shortname on a Mac laptop. However, if the user does succesfully change a shortname, we can assist with the Print Locator install afterwards.

Please note, before changing the shortname on your Macbook as listed below, FileVault must be disabled or you must know your FileVault Master Password. Your best option is to disable it. If you do not know your FileVault password but it was set and you change your shortname, you will be locked out of your computer and none of your files will be accessible.

FileVault is a native security application that encrypts all the Home information on your Macbook. If you disable FileVault, make sure you migrate all of your files from FileVault to your Shared Folder (Macintosh HD, Users, Shared), Restart, and then you'll be able to disable FileVault.
To find Filevault: Go into System Preferences, Security, FileVault.

IMPORTANT: The users account name (short name) on the laptop MUST match the IUPUI Account username. If it does not, your print jobs will not be available on any Print Servers on the IUPUI Campus. Click Here: For Additional Instruction on the MAC OSX shortname

FOR 10.5: Leopard has a built in Feature to allow you to change your short name. In order to change your Short Name, go to System PreferencesAccounts, Unlock the padlock. Right-Click on your Computer Account Name and choose "Advanced Options". You should see Short Name. Change this to your IUPUI Username, click OK, and restart your computer. 

FOR 10.4: There is a utility that will allow you to change your laptop username to match your IU/IUPUI username. The utility is called ChangeShortName and is available by clicking Here (While this is a very stable utility, this is not a University utility, and University Library assumes no responsibility for using this software).

After the Utility has downloaded or you've manually made the change inside of Leopard and have autenticated to IUSECURE, please follow the steps below for Black and White Printing:

  1. Please download the IU Print Locator utility from IUWare.
  2. Once installed, authenticate with your IUPUI Username and Passphrase/password
  3. Select the Campus (IUPUI), Building(University Library), and Printer (Any Black and White Printer)


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