Graduate Carrels

University Library has 42 study carrels with a small locking cabinet available for IUPUI Graduate students (excluding students from Medicine, Law, and Dentistry).  Applicants must have a valid Crimson Card indicating graduate enrollment status.

How to request a carrel

  1. Fill out the request form.  You must have a valid IU/IUPUI username with graduate enrollment status.
  2. You will be notified by campus email when a study carrel is available.

Applications will be processed until all carrels are assigned.  All other applicants can be placed on a wait list until the next carrel is available.  Carrels are assigned for a one-year term (from the checkout date).  They are only renewable if there is no one on the wait list.

What you have to do by the due date:

  • Return the carrel key to the Service & Information Desk.
  • If the key is not returned or renewed by the due date, your carrel will be emptied and all contents will be held at the Service & Information Desk.  You will be charged $100.00 for the lock replacement, as well as late fees.
Updated Aug 23, 2018 by John Cooper