University Library Rich Media Technology

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University Library is proud to announce our new, cutting-edge technology spaces developed to complement the research and scholarly work of IUPUI students, faculty and staff. The Rich Media areas were made possible through a partnership with University Information Technology Services and University Library to bring high-end video and audio conversion, editing and transfer tools to students in the University Library and the center of the IUPUI campus.  The Rich Media Cluster and Video Production Rooms are located next to the UL Computer Consultation Desk on Level 4 for convenient access to assistance on your multimedia project work.

 RICH MEDIA CLUSTER - provides unique hardware and Rich Media software available to groups and individuals

  • 9 high-end Microsoft Windows Workstations (Quad Core, 3GHz Dell Optiplex 960 Minitowers)
  • 9 high-end Apple Macintosh Workstations (Core 2 Duo, 2.9GHz , 24-inch Apple iMacs)
  • Unique multimedia software applications currently available campus plus even more applications such as
    • Sony Acid Pro
    • Sony SoundForge
    • Camtasia Studio
    • Blu Ray DVD technology
    • Screen resolution set to 1920 x 1200, providing a visually stunning resolution.
  • Collaborative group workspaces designed by Interior Designers from RJE and the University Architect's Office providing students with soft seating comfort, privacy panels and convenient power for laptops.

RICH MEDIA VIDEO PRODUCTION ROOMS - offer unique hardware and Video Production Room software PLUS SOUND EDITING TOOLS

  • 4 Rich Media Video Production Rooms (UL4135 E, F, G and P) which may be reserved in advance by contacting a UL Computer Consultant
  • All rooms provide the full suite of multimedia software plus additional hardware and software for video/audio capture, conversion, and editing.
  • Two rooms include high-end Microsoft Windows stations identical to the Rich Media Cluster with added sound editing hardware and software
  • Two rooms include higher-end Apple Macintosh stations (Quad Core Mac Pro systems) with added sound editing hardware and software
  • All rooms include C01U condenser microphones for individual or group voice over audio capture. "Each is based on our wildly successful C01. It features a 19mm internal shockmounted diaphragm with a cardioid pickup pattern ensuring pristine, studio-quality recordings."(
  • All rooms have doors, acoustical panels and sound dampening wall insulation to enhance audio capture


  • Assistance with hardware, and software questions and problems during all hours University Library is open
  • Assistance with reserving the Rich Media Video Production Rooms during all hours the Library is open.
  • Broad range of consulting support offered:   from choosing which software is best and getting started to specialized multimedia assistance support such as the following real examples from our Computer Consulting Log:
    • Assisted IUPUI Professor with extracting movie clips from 3 different movies and compressing the content into DVD with menu options
    • Assisted a patron Cellist with converting her digital camcorder recital video to a digital format as part of her Graduate School application
    • Assisted an Animation student with combining her animation into a digital format and burning it to a DVD
    • Assisted student with cutting clips from a DVD, then combining and inserting them into one small format within MS Powerpoint. She returned to say she received an "A" on her project and her professor enjoyed the embedded clips
    • Assisted two students with making a looping DVD of a PowerPoint collage
    • Worked with an IUPUI Professor taking an overseas trip on University business and assisted him in convertinghis video footage from VHS to digital format and uploading the content to Oncourse. Associated a URL with the content, so he was able to access his footage from the Internet anywhere in the world.




What is the purpose of a video editing service?

We've experienced a growing demand at University Library for video and audio hardware, software and consulting support .  Now you can do your entire research project from start to finish within University Library, with support for each phase along the way:  from starting your research all the way to presenting your data.  Within the Rich Media cluster, you have access to a full suite of multimedia tools, allowing you to choose the most effective media types to best present your data to your specific audience.  After working with several students and faculty on many successful projects already, we're excited to expand our multimedia hardware and software services through a unique partnership with UITS.  We are proud to provide ALL students of IUPUI the tools to fully digitize their ideas and convey their research through eye-catching presentations that go well beyond simple text.


How do I start the process of editing video I have?

Your first step is to stop by the 4th Floor UL Computer Consultant Desk and ask a Client Support Technology Consultant if a Video Production Room is available.   A Consultant Lead will assist you from there, starting with a few basic questions about your project as well as your experience with various software tools.  UL is currently developing an Online Reservation Form, so you may soon check availability and reserve our Video Production Rooms online. Please note most video capturing can take more than one visit, so plan enough time to develop your video project.


Can I "dub" a VHS to DVD without having to capture it onto a computer?

Yes, you can. Our VHS to DVD Dubbing Station will allow you to dub your content to a DVD. We recommend using a DVD -R and note that dubbing will take real time (e.g., if your video is 30 minutes long, it will take 30 minutes to dub it) with additional time needed to finalize the DVD.


Can I capture a video clip from a Web Streaming site (like YouTube) and then use that video for my project?

Yes, we have software that will allow you to capture any web streaming video. The Mac uses software called Screenium, which will allow you to capture your desktop and save to a standard video format. The MS Windows computers use software called Camtasia, which will do the same.


Can I capture video from a Copyright Protected DVD?

Yes, if intended for academic use, we can capture video content from a copyright protected DVD. We, however, will not capture the whole DVD.  Only clips may be captured.


Can I transfer audio from a cassette to the computer?

Yes, this option is available.


Once I've captured my video to the Computer, can I add it to Oncourse?

Yes, once the clip is captured, we can help you convert it to a MS Windows-based file, upload it to your Oncourse Resources, and set the option to make it publicly viewable.


If I want to create a voice over for my video footage, can I do this?

Yes, all of our video production rooms are equipped with Samson C01U Studio Condenser Microphones. The microphones are highly recommended for podcasting.


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