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How to insert an image

Click on the "Insert/edit image" button Insert/edit imagein the formatting bar.

A dialogue box will open.

Click on the "Browse" button Browse buttonat the end of the Image URL line.

Click on the "Upload" link at the top of that dialogue box.

Click on "Browse" to find the image on your computer.

Select your image.

Click on "Open"

Check the "Create Thumbnail" box (optional) or you can resize once it is in the Thought Box.

Click on "Upload"

Almost there -- just a few more steps!

Select the image you just uploaded.

Click on the "Send to tinymce" link at the top of the dialogue box.

The link is now listed in the Image URL box.

Tell us a bit about the photograph in the Image Desscription Box (optional)

Click on the "Insert" button.

Congratulations!  Your image is now in the Thought Box. 


Resize your image

In the Thought Box, click on your image and use the end arrow boxes to click and drag.


Need assistance

Contact Brenda Burk via email or 317-278-2329.

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