General Internal Medicine

Home Comprehensive Texts Textbooks Goldman-Cecil Medicine Since 1927, Goldman-Cecil Medicine has been the world's most influential internal medicine resource. In the ground-breaking 25th edition, your original purchase ensures you will be up-to-date without the need for a subscription. Through the new, more powerful Expert Consult eBook platform, this "living text" provides continuous updates that will integrate the latest research, guidelines, and treatments into each chapter, ensuring that the content is as current as the day this edition was first published.
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SPEA V526 Nonprofit Financial Management

This guide will take you to information and research sources for V526 assignments. There are also links to sources for helping you search for information effectively and for citing sources. Home How to use this guide

Explore:  Check out the content of each section of the guide.

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BUS M401 - International Marketing

Course guide supporting BUS M401 Course Home How to use this guide

This guide provides a selection of resources that will help you as you research for your papers required in BUS M401 - International Marketing.

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Student Library Assistants

Home ULC Student Library Assitants - Start Here

Please complete the pre-assessment located here.

Please Read  Know your sources & Useful terms for Academic Research

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Literature Review - A Self-Guided Tutorial

A self-guided tutorial that walks you through the process of conducting a Literature Review. Home Who's My Librarian?

Locate your University Library's subject librarian for personalized assistance.

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Mendeley - Citation Management Software

A guide about the citation management and research social network tool Mendeley. Getting Started Librarian About Mendeley

Mendeley is a free desktop and cloud application that helps you manage your research. It is a reference manager with built in tools to help you read and annotate articles. It allows you to organize PDFs, other documents, and citations into folders and collaborate with other researchers. It backs up your research library and syncs to the web, and smart phone or tablet devices.

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Copyright and Fair Use Guide

Copyright and Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions Home Table of Contents


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Library DIY

Home Acknowledgement


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ENG W377: Writing for Social Change

A LibGuide with resources on Digital Storytelling for W377: Writing for Social Change Digital Storytelling Tools Questions? YouTube

There are many software options for creating videos. Here are three options:

iMovie (Mac) PhotoStory3 (PC) Windows Live Movie Maker (PC)
Garageband (audio Built-in Audio recorder, Built in Music


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