Jennifer Hehman

Jennifer Hehman is a star.....

From an art historian's perspective, Jennifer Hehman has been exceptionally helpful in helping me in my after-hours classroom research. More than most history disciplines, art history requires diligent attention to and appreciation of the micro and macrocosmic world-view. Jennifer has such amazing breadth and depth of knowledge of all things art-history related, that she knew precisely what online, print, and most especially, visual resources, would be most valuable to me for my upper-class research projects. Jennifer introduced me to the world of art via The Medici Archive Project; the Digital Michelangelo Project; the Visual Resources Association (VRA); the Annenberg Media site, and many more art and art history research sites.


Similarly, Jennifer Hehman has been equally successful at providing insight into the world of music history, which has become a minor, along with my art history major. From Broadway musicals, to British art rock, to my two favorite musical genres—blues and jazz, Jennifer as offered professional insight for my after-hours music history endeavors.


In conclusion, because Jennifer is so very student and research-centered, and often goes far beyond the call of duty in all she does as a Science, Engineering & Technology, and Nursing liaison, she definitely deserves to be cited as a STAR on the University Library’s recognition site!       


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