Explanation of Transmittal/Inventory Form

Transferring Office Information: The department/office name including the name of person, address and phone number for person responsible for the records. This person will be contacted if further information about the records is needed for a complete and informed evaluation of the records.

Records Information: 

Title of records:
Title by which this group of records is commonly known. Some examples of records title include Dean's correspondence files, accreditation reports, faculty committee minutes. Include the beginning and ending dates of the records.
Number of boxes:
The total number of boxes to be shipped to the University Archives.

Records Confidentiality: It is very important that the University Archives knows about the confidential nature of the records. All records are considered open to the public and can only be restricted under federal law, Indiana law, or university regulation.

Release of Records: A representative from the transferring office must sign the form. The signature indicates that the University office understands the conditions of the transfer and the availability of the records to the public.

Comments: Please provide any information which will aid the archivist in understanding the contents of the records.

Inventory section: A table has been provide to list the box, folder/item number, and contents. If more space is needed, please use the same format as the table to list the information on additional sheets of paper.

Records Destruction Notification: After the archivist has evaluated the records, certain records may not be retained because they do not have historical value. If the transferring office wishes to be notified about the destruction of the records, please check the appropriate box.

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