Payton Memorial Guestbook Entry

I was fortunate to meet Bob and Polly as a young attorney, and even more so to be enfolded in their friendship.   They were great builders of relationships.  
I must begin by saying that Polly's quiet departure, while characteristic, deprived us of the opportunity to celebrate her many virtues.   During long afternoons with them at home in their retirement, I was privileged to see one of the great marriages at work, as Bob and Polly crafted positive adaptations to the changes that come at the end of life.  Polly's competency in handling the details, her ironic humor about where the road with Bob had taken her, Bob's deep chuckle of acknowledgement, the parrot squawking in the background as the light grew dim -- what a privilege to be with them. 
"Estate planning" is usually a mundane scuffle to minimize tax -- with Bob and Polly, it was giving full scope to their great love and hope for their own family, the university, and humanity.  
I would say that Bob was a happy man.  He was the supreme example of someone who could take hold of psychological pain and transmute it into good.  With the fruit of his many talents, and his gift for teaching, he leaves a well-marked trail for the rest of us to follow.