Payton Memorial Guestbook Entry

Everytime I read Payton, I am just rejuvenated! My passion to philanthropy is brought back by the inspiring words by Mr. Robert Payton. He makes me belive the imagination and action we can make to change the world. He also makes me believe that we are connected to the world and the greatest wisdoms in human history through philanthropy. I think he brings the sense of mission back to me again. Although I never see Mr. Payton, he is a role model for me and I feel so honored to be able to study at the Center on Philanthropy at Indianan Univeristy. I think maybe I can use one Chinese sentence in Shi Jing [Book of Odes] to describe my feeling to Mr. Robert Payton: "高山仰止,景行行止。虽不能至,然心向往之。“