Payton Memorial Guestbook Entry


Bob had a remarkable career, but I remember him most for his humanity.

Bob and I shared an experience that we probably would rather not have had.  As fathers we lost children prematurely--Bob two sons, I a daughter.

Among my fondest memories of Bob are his teaching me how to cope with losing a child and even how to answer the simple question of how many children I have.

He spent many an hour with me just talking about and sharing emotions and thoughts about losing a child and still "keeping on."

It will be of no surprise to you that those meetings often were held at a Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  Another thing we shared--a love of books and reading and the nagging awareness that being in a bookstore was a personal financial danger.

I'm grateful to Bob for his professional leadership and most of all for his humane quidance.  I have a profound appreciation for his contributing funds to the library bearing his family name to purchase books bearing my daughter's name.