Payton Memorial Guestbook Entry

No single individual is more responsible for the university level programs related to philanthropic studies, civic engagement, and nonprofit management than Bob Payton.  As a member of INDEPENDENT SECTOR's Research Committee, he pioneered and championed the concept of university-based studies related to the work that he and others were supporting and he championed the establishment of programs that we take for granted today.  I'm especially grateful for his role in helping establish and develop the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University during its infancy.  I'm also grateful for what he taught me about philanthropy.  Bob helped me understand that philanthropy is first human activity, that we get involved and give through our value systems and the interests that flow from our own personal values.  Two of Bob's aphorisms guide my work.  Almost daily I ask myself a question that Bob taught us to ask:  "Do we live for or do we live off of philanthropy?"  I undergird all of my discussions and workshops on ethics with another one of Bob's quotes:  "There are no ethical answers, only ethical questions."