A Faculty Resource to Combat Plagiarism

To promote academic integrity, University Libraries, University College, and the Dean of Students are providing access to, a plagiarism detection service. Available to all IUPUI-affiliated instructors and faculty, the service compares submitted text against a database of millions of previously submitted documents, including previously submitted IUPUI papers, and performs a thorough search of Internet resources. It is being made available to assist IUPUI instructors/faculty in tracking down plagiarized material in an easier, faster, and more complete way.

Getting Started Using the Service

  • Obtain an IUPUI account ID and password from the Site Administrator, Eric Snajdr or 278-2778 (you will need this for first-time login only).
  • Go to and click on 'Create Account' located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • At the specified prompts, type in the IUPUI account ID and password that you obtained from the IUPUI Site Administrator. Next, enter your personal e-mail address and a password which you will use for all subsequent logins.
  • After creating your account, choose the 'Add Class' link to set up your first class.

Ways to Incorporate in your Classes

There are various ways you can use the service to promote an academically honest environment. You can check papers where duplication may have occurred by typing in selected text, copying and pasting text, or uploading files to the service. An 'Originality Report' is sent back to you indicating matched text within a few minutes of submission.

Or, students themselves can electronically submit their papers to the service. Having students do their own submissions can serve as a teaching tool; you can review the Originality Report of the submitted paper with the student to correct poor citing and paraphrasing prior to final paper submission.

For questions about the service, please contact the Site Administrator. For additional instructional materials concerning how to use Turnitin, visit the training web site


Last updated by esnajdr on 06/19/2014