Proxy Authentication Failure

The Indiana University Central Authentication Service has determined that your IU Network ID and password are valid, but your network ID is not affiliated with the IUPUI campus.

Off-campus (remote) access to electronic databases and other online resources licensed by IUPUI University Library is legally restricted to those faculty, staff and students affiliated with the IUPUI campus.

Note that it is possible to be affiliated with more than one IU campus. For instance, if your home campus is Bloomington but you are enrolled in a course at IUPUI, you are considered affiliated with IUPUI also.

Please contact UITS Support for all problems related to IU Network IDs. For more information about IUPUI University Library's access policy, see Off-Campus Access to Electronic Resources, contact us , or call (317) 274-0469.

Last updated by andjsmit on 01/27/2009