Green Leaf Certification Program

Submitted by the UL Green Team

The goal of the Green Leaf certification program is to motivate UL staff members to increase their green activities by rewarding them for achieving increasingly challenging levels of certification.  For each “leaf” or level, an individual is rewarded for achieving approximately 75% of the suggested activities, and the Team is rewarded for attaining 75% participation on approximately 75% of the suggested activities. 

When a UL staff member or team has met the criteria for a leaf, they may submit a form with the name, leaf number, and which goals have been met.  Staff members may then add that leaf to their Drupal profile (contact the Green Team for help with this if needed).  Teams will receive the green Kermit the Frog doll (the “unofficial” Green Team mascot) to keep in their area until another team gets a leaf.


Leaf One – Goal – Individual – 10 out of 13.  Team – 75 % of team gets at least 15 out of 20

One Leaf
 | People in the Libray with One Green Leaf Individual Certification

Individual -- Home

  • I will begin or increase the recycling I do at home and find creative ways to reuse products that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage
  • I will donate used clothes to an organization.
  • I will use the library or used book store instead of buying new books.
  • I will turn off the lights and unplug chargers.
  • I will buy and use recycled paper.

Individual -- Work

  • I will actively assist in recycling at work
  • I  will shut off my monitors and/or manually send my computer into energy-saving mode (standby or hibernate) when not in use and turn it off at night.
  • I will print or copy to both sides of a page whenever possible.  Double-siding is set as a default on my computer.
  • In order to save paper when printing and copying, I will reuse paper that has text on only one side whenever appropriate. I will keep a scrap paper pile near our printer and/or copier.
  • During cold weather, the blinds in my office are closed at night (if applicable).
  • I will take the stairs
  • I will drink tap water, not bottled
  • I will tightly turn off faucets, and report any leaks.
One Leaf   | People in the Libray with One Green Leaf Team Certification

Team - Work

  • We have sleep mode enabled on all copiers and all printers after five minutes or more of inactivity.
  • We send, or will send, an e-mail to our staff before holidays and breaks containing an energy saving checklist.
  • We spent several minutes reviewing proper recycling practices at a recent staff meeting to ensure that all members of our office are aware of the rules and had their questions answered.
  • We placed a visual prompt on our copy machine and shared printers to remind members of our office to double-side whenever possible.
  • We use inter-office instead of regular envelopes whenever possible and promote the redistribution of inter-office envelopes in our office or department.
  • Before events and meetings we send an e-mail reminding attendees to bring mugs or reusable cups if beverages will be served.
  • If we supply paper products to staff in our break room or kitchen, we purchase napkins and paper towels with at least 30 percent recycled content.

Leaf Two – Goal: Individual – 6 out of 9.  Team 75% of team gets at least  12 out of 18.

One Leaf  | People in the Libray with Two Green Leaf Individual Certification

Individual -- Home

  • I will bring my own reusable bags to the grocery store, public library, etc.
  • I will change my thermostat settings at home to conserve energy.
  • I will install compact fluorescent light bulbs in my home. To dispose of CFLs we enclose them in a plastic bag and deliver them to our nearest e-waste collection site
  • Microwaves, coffee makers, and other small appliances are unplugged at night or are programmed to shut off through a timer.
  • I will change a buying habit (e.g., obtain secondhand products from craigslist, FreeSharing, garage sales, consignment shops, thrift stores or trade with friends).
  • I will stop buying bottled water (e.g., install a water filter at home, carry own BPA-free water bottle).
  • In our kitchen and laundry, I use environmentally preferable dishwashing soap.

Individual – Work

  • I will use a power strip as a central turn-off point in my individual work station and switch it off each night.
  • At our events and meetings I will use reusable cups, dishware, and utensils whenever possible. For occasions when this is not possible, I will use recycled paper products instead of plastic materials.

One Leaf   | People in the Libray with Two Green Leaf Team Certification

Team - Work

  • If we must purchase new (or used) appliances and equipment (printers, copiers, microwaves, etc.), we only purchase Energy Star or EPEAT certified models.
  • We have a designated area in our supply closet, or elsewhere in our office, for sharing office supplies that can be re-used (file folders, binders, pens, paper clips, etc).
  • We recycle inkjet and laser jet cartridges
  • We contacted news media and catalog distributors to receive fewer publications at our office.
  • For our events and meetings we avoid purchasing cardboard and plastic boxed meals
  • Members of our office are aware of IUPUI’s carpool program and their resources regarding public transportation, ridesharing, bicycling, and transit news.
  • In our kitchen, we use environmentally preferable dishwashing soap.
  • Someone from our department is an active member on the UL Green Team.  Members of our office know they may contact this person with ideas, questions, and comments regarding sustainability initiatives.
  • We have solicited feedback from office members about green building features we have or could have in our office, such as lighting retrofits, occupancy sensors, dual-flush toilet retrofits, aerators on sinks, green cleaning contracts, etc. A member of our office has shared this feedback with someone in Facilities/Operations.

Leaf Three – Goal: Individual – 4 out of 7.  Team – 75% of team gets at least 8 out of 11

One Leaf  | People in the Libray with Three Green Leaf Individual Certification

Individual - Home

  • I will activate a new transportation behavior (e.g., walk to work on Fridays, have kids ride the bus to school, carpool to the grocery store with a neighbor, etc.).
  • I will wash clothes in cold water, use a drying rack and/or wear clothes that don’t need to be dry cleaned.
  • I will change my dietary habits (e.g., add one meatless meal a week, buy locally raised, humane, and organic meat, eggs and dairy).
  • I will change shower/hygiene behavior (e.g., take shorter showers, turn water off while shaving, install a low-flow shower head).
  • I will plant and care for a tree. 
  • I will read books and newspapers on my e-reader or mobile device instead of in print
  • I will lobby my government to increase spending on sidewalks, bike lanes, and/or public transportation.

One Leaf   | People in the Libray with Three Green Leaf Team Certification

Team -- work

  • We include information about our office/departmental environmental policies and goals in hire packets for all new staff.
  • We reduce paper margins and/or change fonts in order to decrease the length of documents we may print.
  • In our kitchen or break room we have reusable mugs, dishware, and silverware for staff and visitor use.
  • As part of our effort to use recycled office supplies beyond computer paper, we use other paper products with 30 percent recycled content, including envelopes and post-it notes.

Leaf Four – goal: Individual – 4 out of 6.  Team – 75% gets at least 7 out of 9

One Leaf  | People in the Libray with Four Green Leaf Individual Certification

Individual -- Home

  • I will take a measure to better insulate my home.
  • I will start a sharing program with my neighbors for power tools and other appliances.
  • I will compost kitchen scraps and/or yard waste.
  • I will work with a senior, neighbor, school or others to activate any of the above practices.
  • I will ride the bus, walk, bike, or carpool to work

Individual -- Work

  • When planning work-related travel, we consult websites to explore greener transport options through PlanetTran (taxis) and ZipCar. When choosing lodging, we consider lodging with one of the following certifications: US EPA Energy Star Label for Hospitality, LEED, Green Hotels Association, or EcoRoom

One Leaf   | People in the Libray with Four Green Leaf Team Certification

Team --- Work

  • Our team is responsible for at least one recycling collection bin for small electronic waste: CFLs, CDs, audio tapes, batteries, cell phones, pagers, PDAs, and inkjet printer cartridges. This collection area has been publicized and signs exist explaining what can be recycled here
  • We inspired another group, _________________________, to pursue UL Green Office Certification.
  • We have successfully implemented at least three additional Green Projects for our office.

This program is based on Harvard's Green Office program.

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