Student Organization Reservation Request Form

To ensure complete accuracy with your reservation request, please fill out all fields with as much information as possible. Only the current President or two chosen delegates are allowed to request space on behalf of their organization. This form is the only way a Student Organization can request space in University Library.

An Event Coordinator will send a Confirmation Email to both the main and second contacts listed if the reservation can be accommodated. If there are any concerns about the reservation request, the Event Coordinator will call the main contact.

All library spaces are to be used for academic functions/events only, such as: readings, lectures, discussions, film or video showings, or meetings. Events which can be expected to generate noise and/or activity which could be disruptive to adjacent areas will not be permitted.

Contact Information
Event Details

Both Contacts are responsible for the room(s) during the event. The room(s) must be occupied during the whole period. All breaks/lunches must be arranged at the time of the reservation request.

Make sure to factor in extra time for cleanup or rearranging furniture back to its normal configuration.

Please list two or three, concise sentences about the purpose and audience of your event and how your event represents the mission of IUPUI and IUPUI University Library.

Food service is the responsibility of the user, including the monitoring of food delivery, pickup and clean up of the space used. Users are responsible for ensuring the prompt removal of food service. Fees will be charged if the room is not left in its original condition, or is not reset to its original configuration.

I am representing my campus organization/group in making this reservation for University Library space. As the main contact of this reservation, I verify my campus organization accepts full responsibility for any charges and/or fees for the event, including full replacement costs of any library furniture, audio-visual technology, draperies, carpeting or flooring damaged during the event. I also verify that my organization understands and agrees to abide by all UL room and building policies.