Recommended Reads- West Africa Exhibit



 Things Fall Apart
 Chinua Achebe
 A Long Way Gone
 Ishmael Beah
 Home and Exile
 Chinua Achebe
 A History of Nigeria
 Toyin Falola
 War Stories: A Memoir of Nigeria and Biafra
 John Sherman
 Aya of Yop City
 Marguerite Abouet
 Didier Drogba: The autobiography
 Didier Drogba
 Youth, Nationalism, and the Guinean Revolution
 Jay Straker
 Extending the Frontiers: Essays on the new transatlantic slave trade database
 David Eltis
 Dynamiques sociales et renouveau démocratique au Bénin
 Cyrille Gougbedji
 Gambian women: an introductory history
 Hassoum Ceesay
 Ghanaian cook book: favorite recipes from Ghana
 Sophia Manu
 Globalizing city: the urban and economic transformation of Accra, Ghana
 Richard Grant
 This child will be great: memoir of a remarkable life of by Africa's first woman president
 Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
 The United States and West Africa: interactions and relations
 Alusine Jalloh
 The Hidden treasures of Timbuktu: historic city of Islamic Africa
 John Hunwick
 To Timbuktu for a hair cut: a journey through West Africa
 Rick Antonson
 La Mauritanie, un pays atypique
 Elemine Ould Mohamed Baba
 Lome: dynamiques d'une ville africaine
 Philippe Gervais-Lambony

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