Jessica Davenport


I began working with the Digital Scholarship offices 2 years ago through my undergraduate degree in Media Arts. I am currently a student worker whose duties include scanning, restoring, and doing metadata for the collections and projects in our lab. After discovering my love of digital archiving, I'm currently pursuing an MLS in Library Sciences at IUPUI and I'm hoping to combine both my knowledge and love of digital media with librarianship. In the future I hope to use my skill sets to create games,create 3D pieces, and archive for academic libraries in the future. Notable projects that I've worked on at the Digital Scholarship offices are: The Maennerchor Project (I digitized, restored, and 3D modeled one room of the building), Camp Chesterfield (I did metadata and archived several pieces), and the Red Cross (I digitized several pieces and worked on the project with others).

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Jessica Davenport
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