Open Access Publishing Fund Application

Authors from all IUPUI departments and schools are encouraged to apply. Disbursement will be monitored to ensure diverse participation across the schools.
Please list other IUPUI authors (if any), including their affiliated IUPUI school.
Please list non-IUPUI authors (if any) including their institutional affiliations. Articles with co-authors from other institutions will be supported at a prorated portion of the article processing fees.
Please note: Articles that have already been published are not eligible for funding.


Support is only available for publishing charges related to providing free immediate access to this article. Journals with a hybrid open-access model or delayed open-access model are not eligible. Eligible publications must:

Articles for which alternative funding is available are not eligible for use of the fund. A onetime exception to this rule will be made for authors who did not include dissemination fees in the budget of the grant or contract.

Did you receive an external grant or contract to support the research related to this article?
If you answered "yes" to the above question, please provide more details about the other sources of funding.
Total fees relating to providing free and immediate access to this article.
Total amount of funding support requested.