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Research Support Services

The Center for Digital Scholarship provides support for strategizing and using all of the tools listed below. This support can take the form of individual consultations or workshops. Beginning in 2016, we will be offering a 4-part workshop series each fall to help you broaden the dissemination and reach of your work. This series includes the following hands-on workshops to help you make you work count for promotion and tenure.

  • Create your online scholarly profile
  • Share your scholarship
  • Research metrics: Gathering evidence to demonstrate impact
  • Visualizing evidence for your P&T dossier

Contact us at or 317-278-8011.


Create Created by Gabriela Rodriguez from Noun Project

Build a complete online portfolio. Don’t limit your reputation to just a few publications. Products like data, digital projects, teaching and learning materials, white papers, creative works, and many others are valuable evidence of your work as a scholar.

Ready to get started? Ask us how we can:

  • Increase your readership
  • Create digital versions of historical collections
  • Host a peer-reviewed journal
  • Manage, share, and publish your data
  • Facilitate open educational resources
  • Incorporate digital dissemination tools in the classroom


Disseminate Created from Noun Project

First Steps

  • Put it online
  • Make it easy to find
  • Make it open to anyone
  • Connect it to your profile



Engage Created by Martha Ormiston from Noun Project
  • Write about your work informally in blogs, magazines, professional newsletters, news venues
  • Use social media to find and connect with your target audience(s)
  • Connect with the communities reading, linking to, and discussing your products


Document Created by Kirill Ulitin from Noun Project

Gather evidence to demonstrate the impact of your scholarship, all of it, for promotion and tenure. This evidence can include traditional citation metrics, web metrics for downloads and views, and altmetrics to capture engagement with your work through social media platforms such as Twitter, SlideShare, Mendeley, and or ResearchGate.


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