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Amy King

Biography:  Amy King is a Master’s student studying Media Arts & Science at the School of Informatics at Indiana University in Indianapolis. During her under-graduate career, Ms. King studied web design and development with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. This interest in web and user-centered design lead her to Evanced Solutions, a library software company, where she now works as a Digital Project Manager on their User Experience team. For her thesis, Ms. King is researching the process and ecosystem surrounding the purchase of technology within libraries.

Presentation Title and Abstract:
"The Ecosystem Surrounding the Decision Making Process for Purchasing Technology"

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Panel - Consumer Health Information: Perspectives on Research. 

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conferencelogo"I presented Steaming up the Circ Desk: Are Ebooks Changing What our Patrons Read? at the 2012 IUPUI Joint Research Conference. Participating in the conference helped me in several different ways. First, the deadline pushed me to do the work for my directed research project/ALA presentation earlier than I would have otherwise, which probably saved me a lot of anxiety. It also provided a safe atmosphere for me to present my research, get a dry run of what worked in the presentation and what didn’t, and plenty of time to make revisions before presenting my research to a wider audience.

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Biography of Nancy K. Roderer, MLS, AHIP, ACMI

Ms. Roderer is a Professor of Medicine and Public Health at Johns Hopkins University and serves as the Director of the Welch Medical Library and the Director of the academic Division of Health Sciences Informatics (DHSI). She has pursued her interests in understanding and facilitating information use and in integrated information management through both operational and research activities at Columbia, Yale and Johns Hopkins Universities. She teaches in the areas of library and information science and health sciences informatics, and is currently Co-Director of a National Library of Medicine-funded post-doctoral training program in informatics. Her recent research efforts address issues related to providing human support to users interacting with digital libraries.

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