What is Drupal?

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"Organizations using Drupal include the United Nations, the Walt Disney Company, SonyBMG, Virgin Radio and the US government, which relies on Drupal to power, the Obama administration's website for its economic recovery efforts."
  TP1 Internet 360 Links with Acquia for Commercially Supported Drupal Web Solutions. (2009, April). Wireless News.  Retrieved May 1, 2009, from ProQuest Central database. (Document ID: 1675199281).

  • Open-Source Content Management System
  • Database Driven
  • PHP Powered
  • Pull not Push
  • Modular / Theme-able / User-based
  • Our Drupal Websites :

    • LAMPs and a WIMP
    • Internet / Intranet
    • Versions 5 & 6
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