IUPUI University Library Strategic Plan for Diversity

IUPUI University Library Strategic Plan for Diversity, 2010-2013

Diversity Goal 1:  Recruitment, academic achievement, persistence and graduation of a diverse student body.

1.1 Diversity Undergraduate Scholars Program

Establish a Diversity Undergraduate Scholars Program, whose applicants are from populations underrepresented on the library staff. The program will mimic the structure of SLIS graduate assistantships, meaning the scholar could participate in work for various library Teams, supervised by that Team’s leader. The Scholar will be supervised by the Diversity Council Chair; team leaders to whom the Scholar may be temporarily assigned may also assist in supervisory responsibilities.  Additionally, the scholar will participate in organizing University Library’s multicultural displays (see goal 3.2). This scholar will be appointed for a full academic year. Expected hours per week are 20 and expected compensation is $10 per hour.

The hope of this program is to not only increase the diversity of our student worker population but also serve as a means of introducing the work of libraries or librarianship as a career to individuals who may not have otherwise considered this work.  This goal also helps to reach Diversity Goal 2 of recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and staff.

As part of the application process the applicant will be asked to share her or his ideas about how s/he could further efforts to make the University Library community one of acceptance and mutual respect. It is important that this program be open to students of all ages, abilities, cultural heritages, ethnic backgrounds, genders, gender identities, national origins, races, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses.

Goal 1.2: Provide copies of Indianapolis minority community newspapers and publications free to IUPUI students. 

The Diversity Council seeks to multiply the community voices heard in University Library as a reflection of the diversity of peoples and cultures found in Indianapolis.  University Library staff will seek out Indianapolis-area publications from/targeted to minority communities for readership and distribution within UL. 

Goal 1.3:  Support the International Newsroom and schedule lectures, discussions, and other events in conjunction with it.

The International Newsroom aims to help educate and inform students and other campus visitors regarding events and developments around the globe.  Along with supplying video news feeds from around the world to the six monitors in the space, University Library will develop programming to help inform students, faculty, and staff about international events.  UL will work with other units on campus to develop the programmes.

Goal 1.4:  Develop multicultural film series in junction with student groups to show films in Lilly Auditorium in UL.  

The Diversity Council will work with campus student groups representing cultural, LGBT, ethnic, and national groups to explore multiculturalism, mutual respect, and cultural awareness.  Diversity Council will also attempt to work with campus units such as the Multicultural Center, the Office of International Affairs, and the Division of Student Life to develop the series.  Speakers and/or discussion panels employing the rich talents of campus students, faculty, and staff, as well as persons from the larger Indianapolis community, will also feature in the events. 

Diversity Goal 2: Recruit, retain, advance, recognize, and promote a diverse faculty, staff and administration while creating a campus-wide community that celebrates its own diversity as one of its strengths and as a means of shaping IUPUI’s identity as a university.

2.1 Recruiting and Hiring Diverse Library Employees

IUPUI University Library shall meet or exceed IUPUI campus goals for recruiting and hiring a diverse staff. 

2.2 Diverse Librarian/Library Staff Posters/Media

Create and post posters, bookmarks, and/or other media that illustrate the diverse background of library staff, campus faculty, and students. Similarly to nurse recruitment campaigns, we will open people’s eyes to librarianship/library work as a career by visually presenting people from a variety of cultures working in libraries. If individuals are agreeable we could use University Library staff members in the posters which would add another level of meaning for viewers, the person in the poster would not just be a face but someone they can actually speak to in University Library.

Diversity Goal 3: Make diversity a strategic priority touching all aspects of the campus mission.

3.1 Outreach to Campus Student Groups

Scores of student groups on campus exist to bring together individuals from national, ethnic, cultural, and gender-based populations to learn and grow, as well as teach, support, and inform each other, fellow students, and larger communities.  University Library will reach out to these campus student groups to assist them in these important tasks.  UL outreach may consist of providing venues for meetings, library materials for research, discussion, and teaching, and staff guidance and expertise.  UL will collaborate with campus offices such as the Office for International Affairs, the Division of Student Life, and the Multicultural Center to these ends.

3.2 Multicultural Displays

Enhance climate for multiculturalism through the creation of displays following the various nationally-recognized multicultural celebrations (e.g., Martin Luther King Jr. day [January], Black History Month [Feb], Women’s History Month [March], Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month [May], Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered Pride month [June], Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act [July 26], Hispanic Heritage Month [Sept 15 – Oct 15]).

The creation of these displays will be an important opportunity for all members of University Library staff to become involved in increasing their own and others awareness of many cultures and points of view.  Display planners should consider consulting campus student groups, faculty groups, and library liaisons for ideas for selecting topics and elements to display.


Diversity Council will determine the schedule and duration of displays produced and mounted by Scholars.


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