University Library Undergraduate Diversity Scholar Job Description


The Diversity Scholar’s primary objective is to lead and/or participate in, library-related and/or sponsored activities, research, and projects that work towards developing the multicultural awareness of IUPUI students, staff, and faculty.  The Diversity Scholar’s secondary objective is to become familiar with the variety of library-related career options, through hands-on participation in professional-level work with various University Library Teams.

Required Tasks

  • Create regular diversity themed displays.
  • Maintain a journal or blog on the experience of being a Diversity Fellow.
  • Develop and publically post a display on the topic “What is diversity?” incorporating journal/blog entries, essay from fellowship application, and any other experiences gained or skills developed as a result of the Diversity Fellowship.
  • Interact with various University Library Teams, learning that Team’s tasks and assisting that Team with projects as assigned .

Other Possible Tasks

  • Write articles for the University Library newsletter.
  • Act as the IUPUI Student Organization Library Liaison. This entails creating relationships with IUPUI student organizations and familiarizing these groups and their members with library resources, tools, and services related to their organizations’ goals.
  • Coordinate creation of script/checklist to be used in library tours conducted by non-library staff
    Develop or Maintain a University Library related presence in Facebook, MySpace, or a similar social networking system.
  • Assist the External Relations Team in coordinating and promoting events.
  • Assist the Digital Libraries Team and the Bibliographic and Metadata Services Team with digitization and metadata creation.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills

  • Working knowledge of various Microsoft applications including: Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently. 
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