About the Library

inform. connect. transform.

The mission of the IUPUI University Library is to:

  • INFORM the IUPUI campus and wider community of learners through our educational resources, technologies, and expertise.
  • CONNECT people with our resources, our services and each other.
  • TRANSFORM the lives of our community members by facilitating discovery, creativity, teaching, learning and research. University Library actively partners in the transformation of information to new and more accessible formats.

We value: 

values of the University Library


    In support of these values, IUPUI University Library endorses the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.

    With a million patron visits per year, plus faculty and resources that support all of IUPUI’s degree programs (more than 200), the IUPUI University Library is a vital partner for the campus and community.

    By the numbers

    • OVER 1,000,000 volumes and 35,000 current periodicals under our roof.
    • 35,000 reference desk consultations per year.
    • 2,000 student/librarian chat and e-mail exchanges per year.
    • 2,500,000 downloads from library databases annually.
    • 380 study skills class sessions led by University Librarians.
    • More than 1,000 years of service and experience among our faculty and staff.



    The University Library preserves and manages a wide array of collections to support academic research and individual inquiry. Our Philanthropy Collections, including the Joseph and Matthew Payton Philanthropic Studies Library and the Philanthropy Archives, are recognized internationally as leading resources for information relation to the history and practice of philanthropy. As the parent of the Herron Art Library, we also maintain a museum-caliber collection of over 500 rare artists’ books—works of art that are realized in the form of a book. And through our program of digital scholarship, we’ve created more than 60 online collections that make unique and historically important materials available to everyone via the Web.


    In 2007 the University Library established the Diversity Scholars Program, a year-long paid opportunity for undergraduates to collaborate with library staff on research projects, special exhibits, and collection development. Our Diversity Scholars have initiated a number of unique public service projects that had an impact right here in our own neighborhood, and as far away as Cernavaca, Mexico, where a lending library was established at a rural community center.


    Research classes are among the most important services IUPUI librarians have to offer students. Fifty-four percent of the students in these classes are incoming freshmen. Over one half of fall freshmen at IUPUI are first-generation college students, and the skills they learn through library classes can be crucial to academic success. 


    Contact Information and Directions

    IUPUI University Library is a team based administrative structure.  View our organization chart

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