2013 Conference Presentations


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Presentation Title/Abstract: The Butler Collegian Archive

     The Butler Collegian Archiveā€ project (http://cdm15705.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/p15846coll11) was started in the Spring 2012 semester as a part of the requirements for the Digital Libraries course. It was continued in the Fall 2012 semester as an independent study project. The primary aim of the project was to make this unique collection from the archives at Butler University more accessible to users. In addition to aiming for increased size and access points in the second part of this project, continued work introduced some challenges and new experiences working with the collection and the programs to build it.
     Because the student newspaper at Butler University has had varying publication frequencies in its history, the more than 125 volumes that exist in the archives are made up of more than 7400 issues. As such, this digital collection is far from complete, but with the 73 issues now included in the collection, totaling more than 1,600 pages of content, it has a solid start.

Olivia Hedlunch

Presentation Title/Abstract:  Where Have All the Entry-Level Positions Gone?

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