Options for Project Submission



Evaluation: Studies that describe the systematic assessment of the worth of some object, activity, resource, or service. Evaluation studies take place given a local context, the library or information center, and a specific service or resource.

Historical Research:  Studies related to recorded human communication, such as books, laws, websites, advertisements, articles, art, music etc.  Employs research techniques for making replicable and valid inferences from texts. These papers will typically explore some aspect of the profession, libraries, or information science given a certain time period or periods.

Innovation/Implementation: Reports related to the innovation of existing programs, services or systems or related to the implementation of a new program, service or system. These papers take the form of a case study and describe innovation or implementation steps taken as well as lessons learned.

Research: Studies that describe library and information science research currently being conducted or recently completed. These types of proposals will describe data collection and analysis methods. For studies currently being conducted, final presentations should include at least some discussion of the initial analysis.
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