Criteria for Proposals

Proposals for the ULIB/DLIS research conference will be evaluated given the following criteria. Criteria are ranked in order of importance; therefore, more importance is placed on the assessed quality of the theoretical framework or methodology proposed than the potential to advance the state of the art and/or knowledge of the field. The criteria presented below are modeled on the criteria used by ASIS&T conference reviewers.
  1. Quality of theoretical framework and/or methodology
  2. Relevance to library and information science
  3. Originality and creativity of ideas
  4. Clarity and organization of presentation and writing
  5. Potential of topic for engaging audience
  6. Contribution to library and information science
  7. Potential to advance the state of the art and/or knowledge
Proposals should describe data collection and analysis methods. Please indicate the time frame for which you intend to collect and analyze data. Conference and poster presentations are expected to include at least some preliminary data analysis.

Poster presentations  can represent works in progress as well as practice-based experiences. Any work that will contribute to the discussion on current issues in the field are welcome as a poster.
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