"I presented Steaming up the Circ Desk: Are Ebooks Changing What our Patrons Read? at the 2012 IUPUI Joint Research Conference. Participating in the conference helped me in several different ways. First, the deadline pushed me to do the work for my directed research project/ALA presentation earlier than I would have otherwise, which probably saved me a lot of anxiety. It also provided a safe atmosphere for me to present my research, get a dry run of what worked in the presentation and what didn’t, and plenty of time to make revisions before presenting my research to a wider audience. Presenting at the conference also gave me confidence that my work would be well-received and an opportunity to get feedback from a variety of people.  Conference presentations also look great on your resume. Plus, when I started my current position, one of my colleagues mentioned that he had heard my presentation and reminded others that he had told them about it. This made me feel smart – which is always good when you are starting a new job! It was also good to see what my fellow students were working on. I am really glad that I participated in the conference – anyone who is hoping to do any scholarship in the field or who wants to enhance their resume should not miss the opportunity."  –Carri Genovese

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