Panel - Consumer Health Information: Perspectives on Research. 


About the Panelists

Heather Coates - Heather Coates has been the Digital Scholarship and Data Management Librarian at the IUPUI University Library since 2011. After completing her MLS and MS in Health Informatics in 2010, she  worked at the Indiana University Medical Library to expand an historical digital collection of the bulletin of the State Board of Public Health. In her previous career, Ms. Coates worked as a research coordinator for clinical and behavioral psychology research groups exploring interventions for autism spectrum disorders and detecting neurological changes in addiction disorders, Huntington's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease. A decade of research experience prepared her to enter the exciting arena of data services, extending library support of academic research to all stages of the research life cycle. Her interests include digital preservation, assessment and evaluation, evidence-based library and information practice, exploring researcher workflows, and network analysis of interdisciplinary research.


Josette Jones - Josette Jones‘ doctoral degree is in nursing with the focus on informatics. her current research program has evolved from my dissertation research and focuses on analyzing, formalizing and representing (ontology) how health care providers, including nurses, and health care consumers collect and manage data, process data into information and knowledge, and make knowledge-based decisions and inferences for health care. This empirical and experiential knowledge is used in order to broaden the scope and enhance the quality of professional practice as well as interactive patient self-management support. Her research also capitalizes on Internet technology and its widespread acceptance as an information resource for providers and consumers alike. She is developing a program of research on ‘tell and ask’ functional interfaces where the user (i.e. nurse, patient, caregiver…) communicates with a knowledge base by making logical assertions (tells) and posing questions (asks) based on domain-specific knowledge representation, its ontologies and ontological commitments. Dr Jones has developed and designed seven never-taught-before courses in nursing and health informatics: three web-based, three face-to-face graduate courses and a graduate seminar, from which one web-based course and the seminar are cross-listed in the School of Nursing and the School of Informatics. She was also instrumental in developing a certificate program in nursing informatics (School of Nursing) and clinical informatics (School of Informatics). As a core faculty member of the Center for Institutional Cooperation (CIC) in Nursing and Health Informatics, which links nursing and health informatics faculty members from five Midwestern universities (Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin), Dr Jones has been involved in an innovative and collaborative doctoral training program in health and nursing informatics. Dr Jones has directed several Master’s theses, independent studies and research rotations in informatics.

Kathy Schilling - Dr. Katherine Schilling is an associate professor at the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science at Indianapolis, with adjunct appointments at the Indiana University School of Informatics and Nursing, and research appointments to the Walther Cancer Institute, Indiana University Simon Cancer Center, and Regenstrief Institute.  Dr. Schilling’s background includes fifteen years experience as a health sciences librarian at the University of Pittsburgh and Boston University.  Her areas of expertise are health information, applied health informatics, health literacy and health information literacy, evidence based medicine, the access and management of health information, human-computer interaction, and knowledge management.  Her research focuses on the clinical and organizational implementation of health informatics applications; how end-users and decision-makers interact with information retrieval and knowledge management systems; and how end-users make use of health information for their own care and wellness.


Beth Whipple - Philosophy of Librarianship:As a Research Informationist/Assistant Librarian, Ms. Whipple’s primary goals are to implement appropriate technologies to provide more efficient access, retrieval, and use of information. She works with several departments to enhance their education and support their research through the development and creation of discipline-specific information portals, new electronic resource consultation, and end-user social media tools. She is the campus expert on compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. Her research interests have focused in two areas: 1) bibliometric use in the biomedical, health informatics, and translational sciences, and 2) mobile device use among medical students. Her work on information discovery includes bibliometric analysis in supporting and analyzing the publication output of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). She also travels to the IUSM campuses to meet with medical students for electronic resource orientation.BS Mathematics, Wheaton College, 2003, MLS Library Science, Indiana University, 2005.Areas of Interest: Bibliometric Analysis, Curriculum-Integrated Bibliographic Instruction, Evidence-Based Medicine, End-User Social Media Tools, Mobile Device use of Medical Students, Scholarly Publishing and Translational Science.


Contact Information:

Heather Coates
Digital Scholarship & Data Management Librarian
Digital Libraries Team
IUPUI University Library
755 W. Michigan
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Office : 1115G
Phone : 317-278-7125
Email :

Dr. Josette Jones
Indiana University School of Library & Information Science
Indiana University School of Nursing, School of Informatics
755 West Michigan Street
IT 591
Indianapolis, IN 46202
317-274-8059 (voicemail)

Dr. Katherine Schilling
Indiana University School of Library & Information Science
Indiana University School of Nursing, School of Informatics
755 West Michigan Street
UL 3100E
Indianapolis, IN 46202
317.278.2372 (voicemail)
317.278.1807 (fax)

Elizabeth Whipple
Research Informationist
Ruth Lilly Medical Library
IB 321
975 West Walnut Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5121
(317) 278-6179

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