The Building

The University Library building is turning 21 this year. Over the years, the building has meant many different things to students, faculty, and community members. It has served as a place for quiet study and reflection, a space for collaboration, a gathering place for students from the far reaches of campus. In short, it is the heart of campus. In it’s 21st year, we want to celebrate the unique history of this IUPUI landmark.

Built of Indiana limestone and featuring large windows, the library is a distinctive building on campus. Architect Edward Larrabee Barnes boldly created a building that featured natural light as the focal point, a decision that was at odds with the construction of traditional library buildings.

From the very beginning, all involved with the library’s construction knew it was anything but traditional.

At the time of the building’s opening in 1993, the library was one of the most technologically advanced public university libraries in the country. IUPUI was committed to living on the bleeding edge of new technologies, and the construction of the library served as the focal point of this vision. librarians were used to searching online databases, but it was a new concept for computers to be standard in the public areas.

Explore the library in 2014, 21 years after its groundbreaking construction, and you’ll realize just how far its come. Despite all of the technological advances, the library remains the heart of campus.

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