The Franklins

A Library Romance:

The Ballad of Joseph and Jennifer Franklin

Joseph Franklin was minding his own business in the University Library when he overheard a library computer consultant struggling to help a student salvage a paper from a frozen computer. Joseph stepped in and helped save the student’s work. Joseph returned to his studies, thinking the encounter had come to an end.

But it was just the beginning. Impressed by Joseph’s knowledge of computers, the computer consultant, Jennifer Adams, sat down next to him and struck up a conversation. They became close friends, bonding over a shared love of Star Trek: TNG and computers.

Joseph took a job at the library to be closer to her. “The one thing that we ended up sharing was working at the library. We could walk into work, take lunch breaks together; it was a nice environment to really get to know someone.”

Their friendship lasted for three years but never materialized into a serious romantic relationship. Jennifer moved away to pursue an MBA at Southern Polytechnic University in Georgia, and Joseph remained, working as a CST consultant lead for the IUPUI Library. 4 years passed.

“I had to give him space and he didn’t like it,” Jennifer said. “I was five years older and I was like ‘You have to date, you have to get your heart broken.’ He thought I was the one who broke his heart. He didn’t understand at the time, but he needed to become his own man.”

Joseph kept in touch and came to visit Jennifer while she lived in Georgia. “I had such a rough time in Atlanta. A bigger city doesn’t mean better socially. He became the ground to which I would stay tethered.” Joseph’s persistence paid off. In 2009, after completing her MBA, Joseph drove to Atlanta in a U-Haul and brought her back. Later in 2011, they married.

“As an undergraduate, I always wanted to be in the center of things. I really felt like the Library is the heart of a good academic career.” In Joseph’s case the library is a space of much greater importance: it would start a love that overcame geography, trials, tribulations, and conquered the test of time.

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